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Slip & Fall

Boston Personal Injury Attorneys Who Know How Serious a Slip and Fall Injury Can Be

When common accidents lead to serious injury, we hold property owners accountable

While many slip and fall accidents result in little more than bumps, bruises and sprains, others can cause severe and debilitating injuries. Seniors are especially vulnerable. As we age, our bodies are less able to withstand the impact of a fall. But even children, teens and young to middle-aged adults can be severely injured in a fall caused by unsafe conditions.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), falls are a leading cause of traumatic brain injury — and the number one cause of death due to injury in older adults. If you have slipped or tripped and fallen and have been seriously injured in Massachusetts, you should not have to suffer the financial consequences. As Boston personal injury lawyers who dedicate their practice to helping people harmed by the negligence of others, we at Swartz & Lynch LLP aggressively assert your right to full and fair compensation. We make liable parties pay for their negligence. And if insurance companies won’t settle for the damages our clients deserve, we take them to court.

We hold liable parties accountable for their negligence.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their buildings, lots and grounds in the safest possible condition

Malls, retail and grocery stores, movie theaters, hotels and motels — as well as parking decks, hospitals, offices, apartment buildings and medical facilities — should be kept clean, well lit and in good repair. It’s more than good business:  It’s the obligation of an owner to ensure that patrons, tenants and others who visit or patronize their property are not harmed in a slip and fall accident or any other kind of accident because a hazard the owner or manager knew or should have known about was not fixed in a reasonable period of time.

Some of the more common causes of slip and fall accidents include:

  • Broken stairs or uneven stair treads
  • Torn carpets or rugs with curled-up edges
  • Wet floors, including spills in grocery store aisles
  • Uneven floors, missing tiles or broken floorboards
  • Cracked, rutted or potholed pavement
  • Wobbly or missing handrails
  • Debris or clutter in hallways, aisles or parking areas

Slip and fall (or trip and fall) accidents are just one type of premises liability issue. Inadequate security — unlocked doors or gates, broken window latches, poor or no lighting, or lack of security cameras or guards — is an invitation to muggers, thieves or worse. Just as owners and property managers must keep property safe through proper maintenance, they are responsible for providing reasonable security measures — and are liable for injuries that occur when they fail to do so.

Filing a slip and fall or property injury lawsuit

There is a three-year statute of limitations on filing a claim for a slip and fall injury in Massachusetts. As with all personal injury matters, it is in your best interests to seek legal counsel as soon as possible after your accident. If you wait, you risk losing valuable evidence and eyewitness testimony. If our attorneys cannot get the insurance company to agree to a settlement that meets all your needs, we need to file a lawsuit before time runs out to ensure that you recover all your damages.

Our goal is the maximum possible compensation for our slip and fall clients

If you have been injured because of the negligence of a property owner or manager, chances are you have questions. An AV-rated Boston lawyer from Swartz & Lynch LLP can evaluate your case and discuss options with you during a free initial consultation. To schedule a time to talk, please contact a Boston injury attorney online or call us at 857-250-0664. If you are unable to travel to our office, we can gladly meet with you at your home or at the hospital.

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  • $26.5 Million

    Negligent Hiring Resulting in Death

  • $9 Million

    Negligent Maintenance of Commercial Truck Tire Causing Blow Out / Motor Vehicle Accident

  • $7.375 Million

    Single Vehicle Accident / Amputee

  • $5.2 Million

    Defective Roadway / Barrier Device

  • $4 Million

    Motor Vehicle Accident / Pedestrian / Loss of Limb

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  • $3.2 Million

    Flammable Hair Product

  • $2.8 Million

    Defective Smoke Alarm

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