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Manufacturing Defects

Get the Help You Need for Manufacturing Defects Injury Claims

If you were injured because the company that made a product was careless, you have rights

Say you purchase a lemon squeezer. Because you love lemonade, you buy an electric squeezer that enables you to get the juice out of the lemons quickly. You bring the product home, set it up, and while you are squeezing the last of 20 lemons, sparks fly and you suffer some serious electrical burns. It turns out that the maker of the lemon squeezer cut corners by using a cheap capacitor that was not up to the task, which led directly to your injury.

When a manufacturer uses poor-quality materials or is careless in assembling a product, it is responsible under Massachusetts’s products liability laws for any injury it causes you. At Swartz & Lynch LLP in Boston, our attorneys make sure that those responsible for these injury-causing manufacturing defects are held accountable and made to pay for the harm they have caused you.

With nearly 75 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys have a track record of obtaining successful verdicts for our clients, including $1.8 million for a defective front fork bicycle support and $1.2 million for a defective coffee pot.

Filing a lawsuit for damages caused by dangerous manufacturing defects

A manufacturing defect is one in which the flaw is not in the design of the product, but rather in how the product is made. Examples of design flaws include seatback failure, the design of SUVs that make them top-heavy, leading to rollover cases, and structural design problems in bridges and buildings that lead to tragic collapses. Manufacturing defects, on the other hand, are considered to be unplanned because they are mistakes. Manufacturing defects may include:

  • Using the wrong type of screw, bolt or other fastener
  • Incorrect assembly
  • Failure to install proper safety equipment, such as a guard
  • Use of flammable materials
  • Poor-quality components
  • Improperly installed circuitry
  • Misfitting or wrong parts
  • Using toxic materials, such as lead paint

In fact, a manufacturer may be held liable for injuries in Massachusetts regardless of the cause of the injury — and even if the manufacturer was not negligent. This is called strict liability. Your attorney only needs to prove that the product was already dangerous when you purchased it (in other words, the defect was not caused by you) and that the defect was the direct cause of your injuries.

When we file a manufacturing defects claim on your behalf, we look for credible and relevant evidence to support your case. We know that the insurance company looks for evidence to support its side and asserts that you were at least partially to blame for your injuries in an attempt to reduce your compensation. As skilled negotiators and trial-tested courtroom veterans, we help ensure your best interests and fight to get you every penny of compensation you deserve.

Contact an AV®-rated Boston attorney and get justice after your manufacturing defects injury

Schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers at Swartz & Lynch LLP to have your case evaluated and get answers to some of the many questions you likely have. To set up a convenient time to discuss your needs, please call us at 857-250-0664 or contact a Boston injury attorney online. We can arrange to meet you at the hospital or at your home if you are unable to travel.

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    Defective Smoke Alarm

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