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Sexual Abuse

Boston Sexual Abuse Lawyers Stand Up for Victims

Determined injury attorneys demand full compensation

In the Boston area, people are very familiar with stories of the harm done by sexual abuse by clergy and others in positions of authority. For survivors, the pain of sexual abuse is all too real, and living with the memory of betrayal and assault can sometimes feel unbearable. Fortunately, you can turn the tables and hold all the responsible parties accountable. At Swartz & Lynch LLP, we believe that victims of sexual abuse should be fully compensated for the emotional harm wreaked upon them. Furthermore, legal action is often the best way to force institutions to reform conditions that allowed the abuse to take place. Our compassionate attorneys urge victims to come forward for their own health and peace of mind, and to consider other potential victims who might be spared as a result of their courage.

Aggressive attorneys seek money damages for clergy abuse

In Boston and throughout the country, the scandal of abuse by clergy within the Catholic Church has caused shock, dismay and profound anger. Not only did the church create an atmosphere where abusers could operate, but the hierarchy actively covered up for known offenders and sometimes transferred them to other parishes, thereby giving them access to other victims, many of them children. In addition, The Washington Post recently reported on rampant sexual abuse within evangelical churches, including Southern Baptists. If you or someone you love suffered at the hands of an abusive member of the clergy, our compassionate attorneys are ready to give you the discrete and highly professional representation your case deserves.

Damages for unwarranted and abusive body searches

Sexual assault also commonly occurs under color of legal authority. Law enforcement officers may take advantage of people who feel they are under pressure to permit abusive touching. These include:

  • TSA agents performing pat-down searches
  • Police officers doing body searches during arrests or traffic stops
  • Store security taking advantage of alleged shoplifters

In some situations, an official may perform a humiliating strip search of a victim. Police officers, store security personnel and even employers have been known to demand that a victim strip before them and even submit to a cavity search. At Swartz & Lynch, we are determined to fight this illegal activity and hold the perpetrators fully accountable.

Advocating for victims of abuse in any scenario

Our dedicated attorneys are prepared to prosecute lawsuits for sexual abuse victims in a broad range of situations, including:

  • Sexual abuse in elder care facilities
  • Sexual harassment in workplaces
  • Sexual assault by counselors, mental health professionals and healthcare professionals
  • Sexual assault in schools and on college campuses

If you have been harmed, you can collect damages for your economic losses, your physical pain and your emotional suffering. We are determined to fight for the full compensation you deserve. If the statute of limitations for criminal charges in your case has not lapsed, we can even work with local authorities to help you pursue total justice.

Contact our Boston injury lawyers for a free consultation on your sexual abuse claim

The compassionate and capable personal injury attorneys at Swartz & Lynch LLP are ready to help you recover compensation for your sexual abuse claim. For a free, confidential consultation, please call 857-250-0664 or contact us online. Our office is conveniently located at 45 School Street in downtown Boston.

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