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Framingham Personal Injury Attorney

Framingham Personal Injury Attorneys

Framingham is a city of about 70,000 located in Middlesex County, in Massachusetts. The city was first settled in 1647 by John Stone. Residents enjoy the town’s independent economy as well as its proximity location between Boston and Worcester. Visitors and guests can tour the historic Danforth Museum and the Pike Haven Homestead. Framingham is divided by Route 9 and its center of town is the home of Framingham State University.  In addition, being the main thoroughfare, there are three car dealerships, Acura, Chevrolet and Nissan, including various sized strip malls and small apartment complexes, several small office complexes in Framingham.

Unfortunately, it’s also an area of heavy traffic, leading to auto accidents in which victims are injured through no fault of their own. If you’ve been injured in a Framingham car accident, you owe it to yourself to find a personal injury attorney familiar with the area and Massachusetts laws. Swartz & Lynch LLP has represented clients seeking compensation for injuries sustained in accidents involving automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles in the Framingham area for more than twenty years. The firm has also handled cases involving:

  • Workplace injuries
  • Train accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Construction site injuries
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Severe burn injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • Dog bites

The attorneys of Swartz & Lynch LLP have nearly 75 years of combined experience in personal injury litigation in Boston.

In representing clients injured in accidents in Framingham and the surrounding areas, we work to:

  • Recover monetary damages for pain and suffering claims
  • Recover medical expenses
  • Handle any lost wage and income claims
  • Assist with the proper forms to ensure all hospital, doctor and other medical expenses are paid and insurance claims are processed
  • No matter what type of injury you sustain, if you are not offered the best settlement for your claim, we are prepared to take your case before a jury.
  • Recoup property damage expenses

Contact a skilled Framingham accident attorney for help

If you’ve been injured in Framingham or the surrounding area in an auto accident, workplace incident, or through medical malpractice, the attorneys of Swartz & Lynch LLP in Boston work to get you justice and compensation.  Call us anytime at 857-250-0664 or contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Awards & Accolades
Verdicts & Settlements
  • $26.5 Million

    Negligent Hiring Resulting in Death

  • $9 Million

    Negligent Maintenance of Commercial Truck Tire Causing Blow Out / Motor Vehicle Accident

  • $7.375 Million

    Single Vehicle Accident / Amputee

  • $5.2 Million

    Defective Roadway / Barrier Device

  • $4 Million

    Motor Vehicle Accident / Pedestrian / Loss of Limb

  • $3.5 Million

    Surgical Error

  • $3.2 Million

    Flammable Hair Product

  • $2.8 Million

    Defective Smoke Alarm

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