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Inadequate Security

Boston Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help If You Were Harmed on Inadequately Secured Property

Finding compensation for injuries caused by unlit parking lots, unlocked doors and unsecured buildings

Just as property owners are expected to maintain their buildings and grounds so that tenants, visitors and customers are safe from slip and fall injuries, they are also supposed to provide proper security measures to ensure the safety of all who enter their premises. Yet every year, people throughout Massachusetts suffer harm because of inadequate security. That harm may come in the form of criminal acts such as:

  • Sexual assault
  • Assault and battery
  • Robbery
  • Workplace violence

These are crimes that may have been prevented by simple, common-sense measures such as fixing a lock or a latch, installing a security camera, hiring a guard or even changing a burned-out lightbulb. At Swartz & Lynch LLP in Boston, we represent people who have suffered an injury due to inadequate security. Negligence is not an excuse — it is the reason why you were harmed and the reason why you have a legitimate claim for compensation. Our personal injury attorneys hold negligent parties accountable for actions that caused you harm or resulted in the wrongful death of your family member.

ATMs, clubs, parking decks, motels and college campuses

Any area that doesn’t restrict public access has the potential to be dangerous, especially if proper security measures aren’t followed. These are just some of the many places people frequent every day, but they’re also places where lax security can carry a real risk of harm:

  • ATMs — ATMs are everywhere, and millions of us use them every day. While we are warned to cover the touch pad as we enter our pass code, are we warned that an obstacle close to the ATM might be the perfect hiding place for a robber?
  • Parking decks — Parking decks offer options to scarce street parking, especially so in a city like Boston. But are they patrolled or monitored by security cameras?
  • Motels — While motels offer privacy to paying guests, does motel management ensure that deadbolts work, and does after-hours access to the building require the use of a key?
  • College campuses — College should be a safe haven, a place of learning and discovery. Does the college your son or daughter attends have sufficient on-campus security?

The consequences of inadequate security can be dire. Our lawyers file negligent security lawsuits against property owners, managers, landlords or others who could have prevented an incident committed by a third party. To win these suits, we must prove:

  • The property was owned or possessed by the defendant.
  • You were lawfully on the property when the injury occurred.
  • The property owner did not attend to inadequate security measures in a reasonable manner.
  • You were injured in an incident that was foreseeable.
  • The defendant failed to uphold his or her duty of care.
  • You were injured as a result.

If you were injured as a result of inadequate security, do not delay in seeking immediate legal representation. You should act quickly to file your suit within Massachusetts’ statute of limitations and also because evidence can be quickly lost or destroyed.

Let us help you recover all the damages you’re entitled to for an inadequate security injury

To learn more about how our attorneys with Swartz & Lynch LLP can help you get full and fair compensation for injuries suffered due to insufficient security in a public area, contact a Boston injury attorney online or call us at 857-250-0664 to schedule a free initial consultation. We are located in Boston’s historic Old City Hall. If you cannot travel, we will come to your home or hospital to discuss your needs and your legal options.

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  • $7.375 Million

    Single Vehicle Accident / Amputee

  • $5.2 Million

    Defective Roadway / Barrier Device

  • $4 Million

    Motor Vehicle Accident / Pedestrian / Loss of Limb

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    Flammable Hair Product

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