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Serious Injuries From Defective Airbags

You can be seriously injured when your airbags do not work properly.

Airbags are there to save people when they are in an auto accident. If you are in a car and another vehicle directly hits the front of your car, the frontal airbag should deploy. If there was a side impact near the driver or passenger, the side air bag should deploy. The failure of an airbag to work under either of these circumstances might be because of a defective airbag. The failure to operate is one potential problem; another problem is the airbag opens unexpectedly.

Toyota, Chrysler, and Honda were subject to a recall of about 2.1 million automobiles due to a malfunction that triggers the sudden and inadvertent deployment of the airbag. About 1 million of the Honda and Toyota models have also been recalled separately by Takata Corporation, a Japanese airbag manufacturer, for defective inflaters. This defect causes the airbag to deploy with too much force, rupturing the airbag and spraying metal shrapnel around the interior of the automobile.

Whether for sudden deployment or defective inflaters, Toyota has recalled approximately one million vehicles, with Chrysler recalling 753,000 and Honda 374,000. Among the models included in either recall are: the 2003-04 Toyota Corolla and Corolla Matrix, the 2003-04 Avalon, the 2003-04 Pontiac Vibe, and 2003 Acura MDX, the 2003-04 Honda Odyssey, the 2002-2003 Jeep Liberty, and 2002-2004 Grand Cherokee and the 2003-04 Dodge Viper. If you are the owner of an affected car, please be aware of any further instruction from the automaker or government official. In the meantime, it is advised that you get your car checked and fixed at your local dealer.

Since 2011, car manufacturers have been subject to recalls for inadvertent airbag deployments. With this new set of recalls, it is obvious that the earlier recalls did not sufficiently address the problem. One complaint of a Jeep Liberty owner in 2011 detailed a terrifying account of his airbag deploying “for no reason” while driving on the highway at over 60 miles per hour. As for the second recall, Takata has claimed that the main cause of the defective inflaters involves a combination of three factors: the inflator’s age, persistent exposure to humidity, and potential manufacturing problems. At least one ongoing lawsuit is related to a death allegedly caused by an airbag rupturing and spraying metal shrapnel throughout the interior of the vehicle, fatally wounding the driver after a minor car accident.

These types of malfunctions endanger lives and are simply unacceptable. When big automobile corporations put their cars on the market, they have a legal and moral obligation to ensure that they are not exposing consumers and all those on the road to unreasonable risk. Again, if you suspect that you are the owner of a recalled vehicle, please make sure you get your car checked and fixed at a local dealer, and continue to diligently follow any further information about the recall issued by automakers or a federal agency.

If you have been injured by an airbag or any other dangerous or defective product, do not hesitate to contact one of the experienced Boston injury attorneys at Swartz & Lynch LLP. You may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you have incurred.

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