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Samsung Recalls Millions of Galaxy Phones in Wake of Battery Fires

Samsung recently issued a massive recall of its Galaxy Note 7 model after discovering a defect in the battery cell that could cause fires and explosions. The world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones will replace 2.5 million phones in the wake of one of the industry’s biggest recalls, spanning ten countries. Lithium-ion batteries have consistently been linked to overheating, catching fire, and exploding.

According to Samsung, there have been at least 35 battery overheating episodes with the Note 7 smartphone. Generally, these incidents occurred when the phone was being recharged. Samsung claims that the issue stems from a “minute flaw” in the production of its batteries. Samsung has declined to name the supplier involved with the manufacturing of the batteries.

Lithium batteries, which include volatile and flammable chemical compounds, have a history of combusting. When overheated or punctured, the batteries become unstable and pose a danger of bursting into flames or exploding. In 2006, Dell recalled over four million batteries of its notebook computers due to a similar defect. Likewise, in 2014 Tesla addressed a comparable lithium-battery issue in its Model S. Newer consumer products featuring lithium-ion batteries such as hover boards and e-cigarettes have also been linked to spontaneously combusting.

Unfortunately, manufacturers simply do not prioritize consumer safety and will cut corners whichever way they can. This often means using cheap and defective parts in their products which pose a hidden danger to consumers. For decades, the experienced attorneys at Swartz & Lynch have provided legal representation to victims of defective products. If you have been injured because of the negligence of another or because of an unreasonably safe product, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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