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Injuries Caused By Snow and Ice

An accumulation of snow and ice can result in serious injury. Malls, stores and other public places are responsible for keeping parking lots and walkways clear of snow and ice so patrons can safely enter and exit. When the ones responsible for maintaining clear and safe paths fail to do so, they are liable for injuries that occur. Because of the slippery nature of snow and ice, falls are likely and, as with any fall, a broken bone may result. In the elderly, it is especially likely a bone break or fracture may result from falling on snow or ice. And, depending on the circumstances, a fall can be hard enough to cause more severe injuries such as a concussion or other head trauma. Multilevel parking garages and other structures not kept free from hazards can be the scene of a slip and fall from a high place, causing spinal cord injuries and other significant harms. 

Until recently, courts drew a distinction between what was a natural versus unnatural accumulation of snow and ice. That distinction has now been eliminated from consideration, and public places are required to maintain safe walkways and parking lots. In the case that changed this situation, the court noted: 

  • Property owners owe a level of reasonable care to their patrons
  • The level of care owed is to act as a reasonable person under all the circumstances including the likelihood of injury to others, the probable seriousness of such injuries, and the burden of reducing or avoiding the risk.
  • Distinguishing natural from unnatural accumulations of snow and ice is not necessary, and the property owner owes the same level of care with respect to snow and ice as to any other hazard on their property. 

Recovery from injuries sustained in a fall on the snow or ice can be long and painful. Broken bones, fractured hips and head trauma require rehabilitation that may take a significant amount of time. The toll taken on you is both physical as well as emotional and you deserve compensation for all your injuries. We seek remedies that adequately compensate you for the injuries suffered and strive to reach a satisfactory result for you. 

If you are the victim of a slip and fall injury due to a snow or ice accumulation, schedule a free initial consultation with a Boston accident lawyer who aggressively pursues full and fair compensation for your injuries.



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